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‘Everything Is True’ – Paul Dempsey

Everything is True, Paul Dempsey.

As a believer, it is hard to articulate the genius that Paul Dempsey is and the impact that he has had on the musical world and on hearts everywhere without being blasphemous. If I may use the term loosely yet in all seriousness; he is a Musical God – a leader, a creator and a cure to a craving.

He is born music; he is an addiction and he is musical genius. For hours I have tried to find fault in his music, and failed. His discipline and flare is incredible, and his music is entirely satisfying.

Paul Dempsey’s album ‘Everything Is True’ is an exceptional musical experience. Paul uses a slight echo sound on his voice throughout the album which took a little to get used to, but it grew on me and now I think it suits the album tremendously; I’m not sure in what surrounds this album was recorded, but the acoustics are awesome; ‘Sparky’s Dream’.

There is a slight melancholic tinge to this album that is expressed quite well; lots of simple ‘pizzicato’ (plucking) accompanied with a quiet strum in a low octave flickering between major and minor keys; ‘Man of the Moment’.

A fairly constant element of Paul’s music is that every instrument is used when needed and only to enhance. Henceforth, percussion is definitely not a feature on this album; when it is used there is little of it, as is the base guitar and strings – ‘Out of the Airlock’. Due to the lack of instrumental quantity (definitely not quality), I would classify this album as acoustic.

There is not much to criticise on this album, however Paul Dempsey’s voice is quite different to a lot of voices around these days, and if you are a new listener it may take a little while to get used to. To describe it as accurately as I can using ‘well-known’ voices; Paul’s is probably a combination of Kurt Cobain, Cat Stevens, Billy Corgan and Michael Andrews (an odd combination, and probably highly inaccurate, but you might be able to get the gist of it). My appreciation of Paul’s voice comes from a deep love of his band ‘Something for Kate’.

The technicality on this album is definitely there, but minimal. This is not to say that the album is ‘inept’ in any way; but the lack of technicality makes the album simple, gentle and calming. In keeping with all of Paul’s work, the melodies on the album go off on tangents that add a lot of sweetness and flavour to the album; ‘Theme from Nice Guy’ – it’s not predictable.

I am thankful to say that Paul Dempsey has demonstrated through this album that he remains a musical pioneer in today’s musical culture. Paul also demonstrates a large amount of intelligence on this album too. His lyrics are clever and well amalgamated, and this is such a refreshing thing considering all of the crap out there today.

Overall, I found this album to be quite decent. It is definitely a good listen, and in my opinion it is even worth buying a hard copy of the album. I would give this album FOUR stars, and I would recommend it to all ‘Something for Kate’ fans, or anyone who is a fan of well produced Australian acoustic music. It is a very interesting listen, guaranteed to impress.


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