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‘When It Falls’ – Zero 7.

When It Falls, Zero 7.

My father’s business partner went through a really bad divorce right up against his birthday, and so Dad bought him a Ministry of Sound album. It’s a pretty weird present from someone so old to give to another oldie, but this was ‘back in the day’ when the early Ministry of Sound (MOS) Chill Out Sessions albums were going around, and Dad thought that it would be a bit of a ‘cack’ to give him a Chill Album considering the circumstances. Little did Dad know of the awesomeness contained within the album!

Long story short, Dad’s business partner really loved the album and burnt a copy for Dad. I remember being in the front seat of Dad’s old truck when I first heard this album, and I was automatically, unfathomably in love. Now, this review is not written for a Ministry album – I try not to write about compilations (however the early Ministry stuff is so good, I might make an exception at a later date).

MOS Chillout Sessions Volume three was released on the 30th September 2002, and as soon as ‘Disc 1, Track 21’ filtered through my ears, my love of this ‘loungey, housey’ tech music was born. The track I am referring to is ‘Destiny’ by Zero 7.

Welcome, my friends, to the inextricably smooth combination of sounds that is Zero 7, and their album – ‘When It Falls’.

‘Destiny’ is not on this album (you can find it on the previous album; ‘Simple Things’), but I would highly recommend that you check this song out before listening to any other Zero 7 as I really feel you will get an untouched taste of what Zero 7 is all about; chilled, iced, smooth, singable with sweet vermouth, stirred not shaken, and an olive.

There are a few artists that feature on this album such as Sia, Mozez, Tina Dickow and Sophie Barker. Binns and Hardacker have done well to keep things so ‘in key’ on this album, and the featured artists that they have used really melt well together which brings this relaxed yet ‘keeping it real’ element to their music; ‘Passing By’.

HOWEVER, I would like to add one important thing about Zero 7; their music is all the same…pretty much. It’s all great, but you definitely need to be in ‘the mood’ to listen to them. If you’re not on a beach, if the sun is not setting over the water and if you do not have a Pina Colada in your hand, I would probably give Zero 7 a miss. They are really quite beautiful, but sometimes you just need to be ugly, you know? And I really feel that this album / Zero 7 is so relaxed that there is no room for ugliness; ‘Warm Sound’.

Their previous album ‘Simple Things’ was much the same from a ‘genre’ point of view – if that’s what you call it. I think that it’s safe to say that Zero 7 isn’t really headed anywhere new; they are a steady band that you can definitely count on for that hit of ‘chill’ when you need it; ‘Morning Song’.

I dub the crown jewel of this album to be the song ‘Home’. This is a beautiful song, really smooth; a chocolate song! This song is a little bit interesting, it builds up and smooths itself out and then adds all these groovy jazz layers; it is perfection in musical form.

Overall, I would probably give this album TWO stars. It is in keeping with the awesomeness that Zero 7 is, but there is nothing different going on here. Same ol’ Same ol’.


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