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‘Self Titled’ – After The Fall.

Selft Titled, After The Fall.

So here I am at my laptop with a glass of Penfolds Thomas Hyland in my hand, and listening to my 60GB’s of music randomly, yet ‘geniusly’ selected from my itunes library. I notice that it is only 5 degrees outside of my doona, the ‘N’ and ‘L’ buttons on my keyboard look oddly smudged, and ‘Cry Blue Murder’ by After The Fall; a song i haven’t heard since my young year 10 years is gracing my ears with its charming presence.

Mirror, Mirror, am I just like you? Mirror, Mirror, we look the same but is it true? Mirror, Mirror, sees through idle dreams. Mirror, Mirror, it never comes its never been…

In keeping with my recent Australian Music fad, i thought that it would be ever so appropriate to introduce to you a relativley undiscovered Australian band. Actually to tell you the truth,  After The Fall was relativley big when i was 15 / 16, but i havent really heard much of them lately; which is a shame because they are raw talent. They do have a new album out right now people, so hit that up; ‘Exile’ by After The fall.

I loved this CD back in the days that i didn’t have an ipod, everything was injected via Discman; geez, it’s almost as ancient as a Walkman now… The CD case is a shard artwork from days and days of being thrown around in my school bag and its had many a rotten banana packed into its face.

This album is very Australian. You hear artists like Josh Pyke,  Xavier Rudd and Daniel Sanders from Gyroscope with their ‘Ocka’ Aussie accents on the radio these days, but my favourite Aussie band lead vocals is by far Ben Windsor from After The Fall.

Their sound is raw; its grungy, rocky but not too heavy -still melodic, still tonal. Their style is quite progressive, consistant and steady. To use a comparison worthy of After The Fall, I would say that they are elements of Gyroscope, Kisschasy, ‘heavier’ Something For Kate and ‘lighter’ Silverchair (possibly even ehat was ‘The Dissociatives’.

The consistency of this album can make it quite tedious to listen to. It does have its ‘softer’ tracks like ‘Angel Light‘ and ‘The Longest Hour’, however; my use of the word ‘softer’ here only applies as a comparison to the other tracks on this album that are quite grungy and loud like ‘No Remorse‘, ‘Mirror, Mirror‘ and ‘Vacant Black Stare’ . For me, there isn’t enough variety on this album for it to leak a fresh excitement each time I listen to it.

After The Fall would be a great live band; and unfortunately I can’t tell you that I have seen them live – even though I had the chance to in year 10, but was paternally denyed the pleasure forthwith. They have these brutal melodic guitar tangents that happen right in the middle of the song; mid vocals and everything. You can tell these guys have fun with their music – so it’s quite a privilege to listen to.

After The Fall are just generally a really good band. They’re style is decent and their sound is incorporated elements; not so much their own sound, but a collective of over-used sounds that makes it something relativley ‘new’ sounding. I guess my lack of praise for these guys comes from the lack of ‘juice’ and flavour on this album. Nothing on it makes me sit up and my ears prickle; its good to listen to, but its nothing that you can really get into too much.

My favourite song from this group of tracks would have to be ‘The Longest Hour’. Its the last track on the album, but it ‘sounds’ as though it should be the first. It has that ‘freshness’ about it. It makes my Penfolds all the more tasty…

Their lyrics are a riddle. The more I concentrate on them, the more confused I become… I’m beginning to think that they don’t mean anything and are just a collective of tasty words that go with the music. Led Zepplin released a statement only recently about their best seller song ‘Stairway to Heaven’, saying that ‘the lyrics are just a collection of words they thought went well with the music they had written; there is no real meaning to the song’. So i guess that  if an almighty band like Zepplin can do it, why not the small Central Coast band After The Fall?

Whatever goes.

I would have to give this album a THREE out of five stars. Its not too interesting, but there is something about it that draws my attention whenever i come across it in the maze that is my itunes library. Maybe its just that i associate it with a particular time in my life that i enjoyed so much, so whenever i hear it i return to the glory days of year 10. Who knows.


2 responses

  1. Liz

    And Oh! How dare i speak of wine, is Liz being *Upity? yes well, my nose is in the air and i walk like a flamingo. 😛

    June 7, 2010 at 2:35 pm

  2. A Reader!

    Great reviews and I’m definitely hungry for some more !!!

    Keep em’ coming !!!

    June 7, 2010 at 5:06 pm

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