.Australian Music.

TeenieBoppers and Australian Idol.

As ‘Sydneyans’, we have been truly and bountifully blessed with an abundant local music scene; a music scene teeming with fresh new talent and colourful sound. We are a society of diversity in many different ways, including musically, and there is a lot of stuff out there that is undiscovered and unappreciated; so i am calling on everyone to be part of something greater, and discover something new to pass around.

Australian Idol makes a complete mockery of Australian music. Is there a bigger load of crap that exists? I mean, there has been some decent music come out of this rubbish TV show, such as; Lisa Mitchell and Matt Corby – but that’s it. In the entire history of Australian Idol (which is something like, i dunno, 5 – 6 years?) there has only ever been two decent artists emerge from this flippant rat-race with steady, creative careers. Waste of money much?

Don’t even get me started on those putrid judges. These three fat-arse slobs sit in their retarded front-row seats and make snide remarks at people who have worked their entire life to break through the bullet proof glass wall known as the Australian music-industry, and shatter people’s self-confidence! Their opinion should NOT be valued! They aren’t looking for any sort of brand new talent at all, they are looking for the next Christina Aguilera or Justin Timberlake. Hello people! The reason Christina and Justin are so famous is because they started something new! … I mean, either that or they’re contraversial characters who know how to keep the spotlight burning.

It makes me so annoyed to see such influencial figures branding Australia’s music scene with such baloney. I would be the next in line behind Paulini giving that Dicko-Douche-Bag a nasty slap across the face. I mean, he was calling her fat? HAS ANYONE SEEN THE SIZE OF HIM?!? Hypocrits, the lot of them. When people use others to make themselves successful or to build up their own truck-load of low ego, you know there is nothing there worth listening to here. Australian Idol is the biggest load of crap on Australian television. Period.

Out of these three judges, how many of them are actually Australian?? There’s the elderly fat-bottomed wrinkle patty, the big-lipped bootylicious yank, the weedy-inked emo and the tall-balding pommy-granet. Not one of them is Australian. I mean, not only do Australians have the ability to produce fresh new music developed from the presses of the underground scene, but i’m sure that we also must have some decent AUSTRALIAN judging talent somewhere on this huge continent. I mean c’mon mate, Kylie Minogue definately needs a new gig!!

We need to keep home-grown vegies free of pesticides. I mean, i think the show is an utter waste or electricity anyway, but if it must be produced, then at least have some judges who really know the Australian music scene and who have grown up in it. Besides Lisa Mitchell and Matt Corby, all of the winning idols have fizzled out! Nobody even remembers them! THATS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL CRAP!

The tell-tale sign of a crappy band/artist is that the only people who attend their shows are tennyboppers; like Australian Idol. Let me provide a few examples: Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco and P!NK. In all of these gigs, the audience would be full of these pimply, adolescent, boy-crazed girls holding signs and jumping up and down with drool seeping from the corner of their mouthes. Eeewww. I wouldn’t enter the room for fear of re-entering puberty… Chop me in half any day.

All i’m saying is grow some balls when it comes to choosing decent music to listen to! I could be totally wrong in thinking that all the mainstream music these days is crap – there might actually be a fleck of decent talent somewhere in the a-popalyptic mess of music, but everything i’m hearing these days is utter nonsense.


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