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Interview: Steve Klein, New Found Glory.


As satellites raged and bleeped above the stratosphere, the voice of Steve Klein – lead guitarist of acclaimed punk-rock band ‘New Found Glory’ (NFG), crackled down a dodgy phone line…“Heeeeeeeello?”


Steve! How are you, and where in the world are you right now?

I’m good, very well actually. Right now, I’m in San Louis, California where I live. It’s like 70 degrees [Fahrenheit], and sunny out. Pretty much just like how Australia is right now.


After NFG’s 11 day tour of Australia in April at the beginning of this year, are you excited to be back ‘down under’ so soon for Soundwave?

Yea! It’s not so soon for me, it feels like forever since we were there; and it’s still like five months away until the show. But we’re all really excited to play Soundwave, can’t wait to get down there and play for all you guys.


Tell me a bit about the last time you played Soundwave.

Well I think the last time we played Soundwave was two years ago now. The weather was so incredible, it was so hot; and the crowd was amazing. It was seriously one of the best times we’ve ever had, so for us to have the opportunity to play Soundwave again means so much to us, it’s just so much fun.

I saw the huge list of bands that are also playing [Soundwave 2011], and with all the bands transporting together, hanging out on each others buses and staying at the same hotels; it’s seriously so much fun. Its chaos – we just party the whole time.


How does it feel knowing that you’re playing alongside bands like Slayer and Iron Maiden – two bands that have had such a huge influence on hardcore music?

It’s going to be awesome. There really are no words. Hey, hopefully we get to hang out with those dudes and get to meet them; that would be way cool. Out of all of us in the band I’m sorta the one who is more into the ‘Hardcore’ scene I think, so playing at the same festival as, and actually seeing Iron Maiden play a set is going to be incredible.


How do you think Soundwave will compare to other festivals you’ve played in the past, like the ‘Warped Tour’?

Well, Soundwave and the Warped Tour are pretty similar. I mean, I feel like there are more stages on Warped Tour, just because there are a lot of random smaller stages everywhere. But as far as the band is concerned, we love to fly together; we don’t get to fly to the Warped Tour you know, it’s not really worth it because all the venues are pretty much ‘just around the corner’. With Soundwave though, we get to fly all the way to Australia with each other. Like, from the moment we step onto the plane the whole tour is just comedy; there’s always something going on.


What is the most exciting thing about being in Australia?

Man, I’m way too excited to eat Nandos. But that’s the only food I know that is good in Austalia. Nah, I’m just kidding – there’s heaps of other food that I like to eat as well like meat-pies and stuff too. It’s all good.


Described as one of the most influential punk-rock bands around today, New Found Glory takes to the stage at Soundwave Festival 2011 – I think it’s safe to say you should be prepared for an incredible set.

Originally written for www.theaureview.com


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