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Lior @ The Metro 06.11.10

Much like a frothy cappuccino and a short-cake, Lior is one of Australia’s finest exports. His sound is calm and constant whilst being catchy and colourful all at once. A proud owner of every one of his albums, I was expecting his live performance to be somewhat ‘not-as-good’ in comparison to the smoothness thumbed into his records; how very wrong my thinking.

Torrential rain threw itself upon The Metro last Saturday night; but inside it was warm and comfortable. Tom Kline took to the stage with his scraggly blonde hair and piano to woo the audience with his cool, placid voice. Whilst only a supporting artist, Tom managed to gather quite a crowd for his set; I must admit, I had not heard of Tom Kline before this date but I would recommend to all that you check him out. He’s incredibly melodic and has great range!

After Tom finished his unbelievable set, a graceful (and incredibly beautiful) Gossling poised herself behind a keyboard at the centre of the stage. To be ‘to-the-point’, her voice is her identifier. It is distinct, catchy and literally fascinating – how she shapes her voice the way she does is a mystery. Her set drew an even larger crowd; whether that was because of the coming main attraction or her incredible set, the audience response was incredibly positive, and I loved being amongst it. She performed tracks from her newly released EP Until Then.

The stage was then lit with a cool blue light, and a smiley Lior stepped onto the stage wearing volleys, jeans and a white shirt; proudly hung upon his shoulder was his colourfully decorated guitar – his weapon of choice. The first few notes of “Shadow Man” were plucked, and it was all uphill from there. Lior’s live performance is classic, honest and humble. His voice is genuine and true – I promise you, there had been no vocal editing done on his albums what-so-ever…

It is so pleasing to know that there is an artist out there who is capable of being completely honest with their sound; this is not to knock artists who do use editing devices (because they in themselves are instruments), but more or less to say that it was nice to just listen instead of being aware of the massive hiccups in a live performance when comparing to the album recording… if that makes any sense at all… if not, read slower.

Lior released his latest album this year, and whilst his set list included more popular tracks like “This Old Love” and “Daniel” from earlier releases, Lior played an immaculately sequenced set list that predominantly featured tracks from his newest release, Tumbling Into The Dawn. When it came time for Lior to perform “I’ll Forget You”, unfortunately he couldn’t find Sia anywhere, but exceeded expectations with a special guest performance from Katie Noonan… yep, Katie Noonan

All throughout the night there was a steady atmosphere of ‘chill’, it was probably one of the best gigs I’ve been to yet. Lior performed well with flawless melisma. It was great to see such a huge audience trek all the way through the rain to see one of Australia’s finest artists, who remains reasonably ‘under the radar’ in terms of acknowledgement. Here’s to a great night and a great gig.

Originally written for theaureview.com


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