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Foliage EP – The Honey Month

A love for obscurity and the obscure has become a musical mission for the boys from The Honey Month. Whilst incorporating many elements found in conventional music, the boys have dubbed and doused their newest release with sounds and instruments often avoided and neglected by musicians. All this makes for a very interesting listen; and when combined with the crafty complexity of the lyrics, The Honey Month creates vibes I would recommend to anyone needing a hit of ‘pure sound’.

The Honey Month has just released their new EP – ‘Foliage’, from which (the song) ‘Foliage’ was rated iTunes ‘Single of the Week’. The Brisbane boys were also selected by JJJ to rep QLD at the Perth festival ‘One Movement’ – they are definitely climbing the ladder, and a band you should all be well aware of.

The EP brands vibrant layers, a steady beat, constant flare and a juicy rhythm – with a solid hit of melancholy. Over the past week, The Honey Month has made great driving music – I’ve received some fairly weird looks from people at the lights as they peer into my side window at me blasting out the lyrics to ‘The Owl’.

Sometimes when I review an album or an EP, certain aspects of it may stand out to me as being very ‘Jeff Buckley’ or ‘The Ramones’ etc – always comparing to things I’ve heard before. I can honestly say that The Honey Month have created something new with this EP – I think that it is safe to say that they have established their own sound.

Whilst this is ‘all good’, I found that after a couple of rotations of the EP I was reaching for my iPod again… The Honey Month have definitely created something new for themselves, – total respect, however I found that after a while it became a little tedious to listen to. On whole, the EP has a ‘dark’ sound about it that is present on every track and that made it a bit ‘same-ish’ to listen to over and over. They could do well with chucking a ‘happier’ song into the mix.

The Honey Month is a great band and has created an EP that is honest, creative and full of flavour. It’s different to a lot of music around these days, but it was a little too ‘melancholic’ for my taste. I’d give this EP a 6/10.

Originally written for theaureview.com


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