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Until Then EP – Gossling

To be brief and bold, I found Gossling’s new EP to be sweet and sour.

Let’s face it, she’s beautiful; inside and out. You can just tell! I had the pleasure of seeing her play not long ago and her innocence simply resonates! She has a cute voice that is surprisingly powerful at times, and the keys in front of which she gracefully poises herself seem to be stitched to her fingertips as she plays.

Her composition is small and pleasant, and her voice ambrosial; hehmm; much likened to that of Julia Stone… Gossling produces her music with finesse, and this has been carried across and placed delicately within her newest EP, ‘Until Then’. 

To describe the EP on a whole; it is ‘fragile’. Not in a bad way, but more like the sort of fragile you would liken to a rustic chateaux on a hill somewhere in the south of France; could fall over at any second, yet classy and delicate (this might be a weird analogy, but it works pretty well in my head). Gossling has class.

However! I know this is a huge call, but I have noticed a horrible trend rearing its head within the Australian music scene in these recent days… hear me out a sec. There is Julia Stone, Lisa Mitchell, Gossling and Gabrielle Huber (from Dead Letter Chorus) – amoungst countless other female vocalists – who sound exactly the same; maybe with a few perks here and there. Whilst I absolutely adore Gossling, I grew tired of this EP quite early on in the piece. If it weren’t for my ears hearing the same sounds over and over, I’m sure I would still be playing it on repeat in my car – no pun intended.

Please, please, please – I am not paying out on these wonderful women, or Gossling! I am merely stating an observation that is totally personal, and possibly a little foolish.

On the other hand again, this EP was wonderfully produced and sequenced. It’s very gentle listening and is a great beach soundtrack – not bouncy or fluffy, just mellow and chilled; really easy listening stuff. I would definitely recommend you give it a listen.

Rating: 5/10

Originally written for www.theaureview.com


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