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4 x 4 = 12 (2010 LP) – Deadmau5

Deadmau5 will be tickling ears everywhere with the release of his new album 4 x 4 = 12. It’s not quite as catchy as previous albums have been and I’m not too sure how much leeway Deadmau5 expected to leave for people to remix tracks on this album because it is quite steady and not as juicy as previous releases.

Whilst many of these tracks have undergone a staggered released throughout the year of 2010, it’s easy to pick the hits on this album. Tracks like “Some Chords” and “Raise Your Weapon” are sure to receive regular time on loops at radio stations for a while to come. Deadmau5 has remained very true to his tightness of sound and beat, so this album will definitely not disappoint devout fans. Saying this, there are a number of ways in which this album differs from previous releases…

First of all, the feel of the album is a lot ‘darker’ than the vibe you get from albums featuring previous hits like “Ghosts and Stuff”, “I Remember” and “Strobe”. There are a fair few minor chord progressions and not as many juicy harmonies, but believe me now, this album is a treat; the bass is incredible. This album features collaborations with the likes of Michael Woods and Wolfgang Gartner, as well as guest vocal sets by Sofia Toufa, and Greta Svabo Bech.

Secondly, there aren’t as many layers and break downs. I know this might seem a little boring and maybe even a tad disappointing (especially seeing as how Deadmau5 have a huge rep for being a producer of some of the best breakdowns everrrrrrr), but the whole album just works. Also, there aren’t as many distinctive phrases throughout their music for salivating material.

If there is one turn of phrase I would use to really pin this album down, it’s a ‘party record’. The beats are simple but tight, the effects are off the chain and used sparingly but effectively, there’s not too much repetitiveness but just enough for it to nail itself upon your brain and become the soundtrack to your dreams…

I think it’s safe to say that whilst Deadmau5 has stayed very true to his sound over the years, it seems as though they have changed their approach to their music somewhat – I can definitely tell that they’ve had different goals for this album. One thing is for sure though – this album is tight.

I believe that every person is born with a Deadmau5 shaped hole inside of them, and only one thing can fill the void, and that’s a frikkin 8/10 for an incredible album.

Originally written for www.theaureview.com


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