.Australian Music.

Live: Bag Raiders @ The Forum, 04.12.10

In commendation and acknowledgement of a country that has grabbed the music industry by the balls and is running, I must associate one of Australia’s tightest dance, house and ‘electronica’ duos – Bag Raiders. I am very impressed and incredibly excited. Bag Raiders are enjoying their success following the release of their ‘de-butt’ self-titled album, released in October this year, on which you will find treasures and charms like tracks “Shooting Stars” and “Way Back Home”. The Forum was home to this magnetic masterpiece last Saturday night…

I haven’t really been to a lot of gigs like the Bag Raiders’ gig at The Forum, so I really wasn’t to sure what to expect. The first support of the night was beloved Graz, who bassed it up with remixes of all the favourites, including the funky “Ms. Jackson” by Outkast. It was a really poor turnout for the first support: Graz put on such a good show, I was really disappointed that there weren’t more people there to see his set! His music was packed full of fun and vibe, but if there was one criticism I’d comment on, it would have to be his lack of crowd involvement – he just stood there and did his thing, there wasn’t much crowd involvement going on at all… but saying this, there wasn’t much crowd to be involved with. I guess I would have liked to see him try though.

Second support was Aussie rising-star favourite The Holidays. You’re always promised a good set with these guys. Keeping up appearances meant that they performed at a consistent level of ‘awesome’ throughout their whole set, and kept the ever-growing crowd going with their static energy and rugged good looks. They were a surprising choice for a support act for Bag Raiders, because whilst they are great ‘fire-starters’, their sound is very different from the duo people bought tickets to see. However, the crowd responded really well upon hearing favourites like “6am” and “Broken Bones”.

Time for the headliner meant that the two story complex was vibrating with so much excitement that you could feel it bouncing off the walls. A floor full of 18 year old pubescents wearing baggy singlet tops and too-tight pink boardies meant that I placed myself strategically outside the bar, to the left of the stage, on the second level – until rudely told by a scatty old lady that I was ‘in her spot’.

Bag Raiders were juicy. They had this electric current about them that seemed to consume everyone in their presence, and from the first hit of that drum-machine, everyone was moving. The two Raiders themselves looked as though they were having too much fun for their own good. Sweat was pouring off them as they shook themselves around and into each other, and with each hit the crowd got more and more energetic – there was not one lull. The Raiders performed tracks from their newest release like “So Demanding” and “Shooting Stars”, and also blessed ears with “Fun Punch” which was released as an EP in November 2009 – it was as though this gig had turned into a massive club.

The boys did incredibly well at this gig, so I’m going to give it an 8/10. They kept the vibe going all throughout the night, and whilst putting on an incredible performance, they are actually very talented musicians.

Originally written for www.theaureview.com


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