.Australian Music.

‘Man-ing Up’

No matter what we think of life, there will always remain one elementary truth that pertains to every human life. Man or woman, we are all out to survive.

Sure, this can be physically or mentally; but more often than not, we aim to survive emotionally. I think our physical and mental self can be prepared to cop a few hits every now and then, but when it comes to emotions, there is no way that we can be prepared; we never know who by or how emotional carnage may happen.

The complicated thing about being emotionally vulnerable is that either you can choose to put up a barrier, or you don’t. It’s one or the other. Either you can be ‘emotionally available’ and therefore ready to experience the good or the bad that may come with this availability, or you put up a wall and block everything out; which would then classify you to be in a state called ‘damage control’.

People are out to protect themselves.

A question creeps into my mind now. Is there an ‘in-between’ phase? Is there a link from our emotionality to our mentality that can allow us to be in a place where we can be protective of ourselves without completely boxing ourselves up?

Maybe we just have to ‘man up’ and take the pain.


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