.Australian Music.

Vancans – What’s A Woman To Do feat. Nina Simone


Hey Ya’ll,

Just thought I’d give you a track to check out. I spotted it on my search through the numerous websites I check out each day looking for some new tunes.

If you like a bit of Ol’ School sounding soul – stuff like Etta James, mixed with a more contemporary beat and a cute hook; you will like this track. I really wish there was more of this type of music floating around in the world today. It’s a very ‘down-town hooker’ visual you get listening to this song; I was very impressed at how vividly that came across…  and I promise it’s not a reflection on anything i’m holding onto personally… bahahaha.

(I just noticed that the grapes I’m eating are spicy…wtf?)

Continuing, if you take The Avalanches, Etta James, some tight lycra pants, a cheap blonde wig and put them in a blender on high, you will undoubtedly get this track… it’s an interesting listen. Each time I listen to i’m a little more and more intrigued…

Hit it up, and let me know what you think?



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