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Church Culture Sucks.

I take God pretty seriously, and one of the things that annoys me the most about church, is; church culture. 

Church culture is the ‘cliques’ inside a church that puts barriers between people, and pretty much completely destroys the point of having church. Within these silly cliques, most people’s focus is on being ‘christian’ rather than being ‘Godly’. There shouldn’t be a difference between these two terms, but unfortunately there is. Unfortunately, the term ‘christian’ has of late taken on a more ‘stereotypical’ role, rather than a Godly one.

When the outside world (and even inside the church) thinks of someone who acts ‘christian’, they don’t necessarily automatically associate that word with Godliness, rather they associate it to a certain personality, trait or countenance someone might possess. ‘Christian’ no longer means ‘Godly’ – the term has been perverted and now just refers to someone who appears to be acting ‘christian’. 

If you’re a christian, you’re number one focus should be on practising Godliness, and 95% of Godliness is about ‘intention’. If your heart is wrong and your intentions are corrupt, how are you growing as a christian? How are you taking up your cross? How are you being challenged? How are you growing? If all you do as a christian is act in a Godly way, then are you really being Godly?

God cares about what is on your heart. Frankly, I am a little over seeing people put up a ‘front’ at church as if to scream from the rooftops ‘I’m Godly! Check it out!’. Nup, sorry, get out of town. If you’re really striving for Godliness, that will manifest itself externally – but it all has to start internally. 

I know I’ve gone around in circles a little, but my point is, church culture encourages people to put on a facade in order to appear Godly. This is so dangerous in a church, for the following reasons:

1. If people aren’t being real with other people, what room is there to encourage or rebuke, and therefore grow as a church family and grow in wisdom?

2. People start to lose the point of salvation. They don’t understand the forgiveness they’re offered in Christ for having a sinful life. People start to believe that as long as they appear Godly – then they are. Beeeeeeep – wrong. 

3. Other people in the church are discouraged by not fitting in, or observing the supposed ‘Godliness’ of others (which in fact is a facade) and being discouraged that they do not conform to the majority of other people in the church. 

People, church culture sucks. It shouldn’t exist. If you’re finding yourself having to act Godly in order to keep people from questioning you or just to fit in – you’re not actually Godly, and your relationship with God needs an overhaul. 

This sounds like a rant from a bitter woman – and I guess I can be bitter, but that’s all part of my charm, you see? However, the words I use are just vessels that carry a message – and the message is a serious one. People need to ‘wake up and smell the roses’. If you’re serious about God, you need to get serious about this. Really. Seriously. 

More than anything, this is not a direct reflection on anyone – i mean, who am I to discern who is being real and who is not? This is something that I’ve simply observed over time and had many reservations and questions about myself, and to be totally honest, I know this culture exists because I was part of it once. 


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