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Groovin’ South.

Groovin The Moo, Canberra 2010.

This blog is well over-due, so I’m going to try to recount exactly how it went even though all the fun ended over a month ago.

Waking up early on a Saturday morning is probably one of the obligations I hate most in this world; it just cramps my style a bit.

My traditional Saturday morning goes like this: I wake up around 11.00am with big messy bed head and too-big daggy PJ’s and uggboots. I drag myself down the hall into the kitchen where I sit down to Mum making me a cup of tea, and then rest my head on the dirty kitchen counter where I fall asleep once again. I wake up for the second time not long after the first, to the smell of Dad making pancakes for lunch at the stove, and the warm sun filtering through the kitchen window onto my face. I lift my head off the bench, and bits of carrot and lettuce and bread crumbs dislodge themselves from my cheek and fall to the ground. I let out a huge yawn, and my day begins.

But no! On this particular Saturday morning, I was awoken by a text message from my friend saying ‘Just leaving now, see you in half an hour’… this is death to all of mankind. My bags were already packed and by the front door, and my clothes folded neatly and placed on my bed-side table. It was 5.30 in the morning, and I felt like a sleeping cat being awoken by the cold hose.

Destination, Canberra.

Putri arrived at 6.00 and, more excited than I had been before at the idea of waking up too early, I grabbed my bags and left the house. I’d made a playlist of music for the trip consisting of; Empire of the Sun, Moony, Silverchair, Eskimo Joe, Something For Kate, Paul Dempsey, Vampire Weekend, Björk, Morcheeba, Grinspoon, Jack Johnson, Madison Avenue and other bits and bobs. Our destination was Canberra, and our purpose was ‘Groovin the Moo’ festival.

It was a good trip, and because we left so early we managed to make it to Goulbourn Maccas at 9.30am-ish for breakfast where I stuffed my face with sausage and egg McMuffins syruped with some tangy orange juice; and of course a hash brown or four. We made it to the Crown Plaza in Canberra around 11.30am-ish.

Putri's hectic gumboots.

I don’t get to stay in hotels very often, so the mini-toiletries in the bathroom are way too exciting for me; I just feel the need to use them all at once. We changed clothes, and Putri revealed her ‘way-too-awesome red and white polka-dot’ gumboots; they blew my mind. Canberra weather is so weird compared to Sydney; if Sydney is warm in the morning, it’s going to be a warm day – but no, not in Canberra. It was freezing in the morning, and then got really warm during the day, and then dropped almost 10 degrees in an hour at night and was freezing again. I was totally unprepared as far as clothing went.

We got well and truly lost trying to find a bus from Canberra “CBD” to Canberra University for the festival, and we just ended up sitting in a random food-court eating sushi and calling every Canberra transport number our little iPhones could find for us. An hour later we found a bus station with a long line of people waiting for the same bus, we missed two buses just waiting in line.

Space Invadas.

Anyway, we finally got to ‘The Meadows’ at Canberra University around 12.30pm-ish. It was a really good venue; quite contrary to a map of the venue that I found on the internet a week prior, I thought it was going to be crap. There was no-one too decent on until 3.00pm, so we walked around checking out the ‘new and upcomings’. There were some fairly tight bands around like; Killa Queenz, Space Invadas and Jonathan Boulet.

To anyone who is reading this and fits inside the following demographics…

  1. Aged between 13 – 17
  2. Hits the reefers
  3. Is a boy
  4. Thinks he is King S***

… I would like to give you an outline of when it is and is not appropriate not too mosh at a gig…


  1. When Lisa Mitchell is playing
  2. When people are screaming out that they cannot breath
  3. When people are breaking their ribs up against the barrier
  4. When people are getting trampled
  5. When there is a huge crowd trying to integrate their way into an already packed crowd
  6. When people are already making it very clear that they wouldn’t care if you died right there on the ground because you are SO ANNOYING!


  1. When there is a good band on that warrants a mosh
  2. When people can breath
  3. When there is not a huge crowd ramming its way into another
  4. When the band on stage says to

Lisa Mitchell.

You may disagree or agree with the above Do’s and Don’ts, but I am speaking from first hand experience here people. Putri and I got to the very front of the stage for Lisa Mitchell only to be pushed and shoved out of the way by egotistic little boys who thought they were way too cool. I have been to a few festivals in my time, and I know that this is the sort of thing that usually happens; but not to this level. People were being crushed and were calling out for help, and these idiots kept going. I have never felt the need to throw a punch before, so it was a new experience for me to feel that much anger all at once. We ended up just leaving, and luckily we already had tickets to see Lisa Mitchell at her side-show the following week.

2 Crownies, a ‘Hamburger’, a coke, and Tegan and Sara later, it got darker and the temperature dropped to 3 degrees so we were now freezing our arses off. We were sitting in the +18’s area on a hill watching the two main stages from there, and so we decided to move down to stand in the pit with all the people. As we stood in the mosh I noticed the huge cloud of steam rising off the crowd and floating into the dark sky. It was seriously hot in that crowd – the ultimate Festival experience. We got to the front of the crowd to wait for Empire of the Sun, only for our ‘waiting experience’ to be ruined by all the couples hooking up around us. It brought an entirely new meaning to the phrase ‘tongue down throat’… it was more like ‘impregnating your mouth with my head’. What was even more disgusting was that these ‘ecstasy induced couples’ must have all be around the age of 16 / 17 years old.

Luke Steele, Empire of the Sun.

Aside from the sloppy couples, Empire of the Sun was awesome! Luke Steele completely wOwed me. They had these four dancers onstage with them, and I have no idea how they did it but they had four or five different costume changes throughout the entire set (which was only an hour or so). Luke Steele is incredibly talented, like, is there an instrument he can’t play?! The band played very well together, and they all looked as though they were having a fantastic time too. I love to see bands that have fun on stage; it just makes the gig all the more personal. Luke isn’t much of a talker, he didn’t really have much to say to the crowd but he made up for it with his creativeness, and dare I say, obscurity? At one point in time, his finger started bleeding all over his guitar, so he kneeled down on stage cradling his guitar, and smeared the blood all over it… effective, yet weird… something that you may expect from Hendrix or Manson.

Empire’s set-list consisted of ‘Standing on the Shore’, ‘Half Mast’, ‘Country’, ‘We Are the People’ as well as some other trippy synth music, and finished with their hit ‘Walking On A Dream’. It was a truly awesome show. The set was incredible too. They had smoke filtering over the floor of the stage, and huge bright projections of ‘fiery suns’ blinding the crowd from the background. It was an awesome set.

Grinspoon sucked.

Silverchair was awesome!!! They made my day complete. Daniel Johns is HOT and an incredibly good entertainer. He had a lot to say to the crowd – definitely not in quality but in quantity. He would stand at the top of the stage, divide the crowd into three, and get each third to scream a certain number of times at him as loud as they could… over and over again until it lost its excitement. The stage set up was awesome. They had (literally) walls of amps piled up over the stage in weird arrangements, and these cool orange flood lights that would flicker on and off.

Daniel Johns, Silverchair.

Their set list consisted of songs like; ‘Israel’s Son’, ‘Ana’s Song’, ‘Emotion Sickness’, ‘Greatest View’, ‘The Door’, ‘Without You’ and two of their new tracks. They also played ‘Straight Lines’; which was timed rather awkwardly sequenced as Daniel Johns had just finished telling the crowd how much he loved the combination of ‘Orange Powerade and Bourbon’. Lols.

It was so awesome. The Silverchair gig was probably one of the ‘funnest’ gigs I have ever been to. I was surrounded with people who actually knew Silverchair (they owned, and knew off by heart all songs on their first album ‘Frogstomp’ which Silverchair wrote and produced at the age of 15) and had been following them as they grew and progressed, and were now gracing me with their presence.

‘Freak’ was their finale; and it was Godlike. The crowd went nuts and Daniel John stood smug over his guitar and leant deep into his mic; ‘Body and Soul, I’m a freak, I’m a freak’. Never has there been a guy who knew his greatness like Daniel Johns. My voice had already disappeared from an entire day of singing and screaming, but I managed to muster up enough grunt to churn out; ‘Yea, I’m a freak’.

Groovin The Moo – such fond memories, and I can’t hardly wait for next year!

We got back to the hotel that night, downed six billion vitC tablets, showered and crawled into bed. Our feet were aching, our ears were bleeding and making weird high pitched bleeps and our heads were throbbing; but we somehow found enough energy to make use of the hotels TV facilities.

Too buggered to comprehend, we called it a night around 1.30am.

We were up at 10.00am. Putri had a shift that night so we couldn’t stick around and enjoy glorious Canberra, so we packed up and shipped out around 12.00pm. The drive back was pleasant. Maccas was a must (as usual) and so were the Krispy Kremes; take the fat. Yew!

We got back to Sydney around 4.00pm, and we were both righteously pooped.

Note: All photos taken by Putri!

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